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Lord in heaven!

March 9, 2012

Wow, so yesterday after getting up and getting ready for the day I headed down stirs to get some tea, (just got apple cinnamon yummy!) my other room mates are down there too they all look at me and say as one “you’re next”….whhaaaat?

Well a 24 hour cold is going around and one by one my roommates are falling prey for it. Not I, I will not get sick!
But I thought that I may because all of a sudden my tummy was hurting really really really bad, no it was just the worst craps I have ever EVRE had in my life. it hurt to walk it hurt to lay down it just hurt.

So on my way to work cuz I stopped by 7-11 to get something to drink so i can take my pain pill, I got a mocha, have a gallon of chocolate milk(I don’t drink milk anymore!) and the world’s biggest chocolate bar I found. After the pain pills kicked in work was fine. got a new crazy one but it’s not bad.

Talked with one of my friends and we are making plains for this summer to do lots of fun things with her son, who I love!

oooo i think i saw the northern lights last night but we are not 100% there as is was white…..

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