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hello my love

March 8, 2012

Hay Sweet Hearts,
I am a bad blogger, it’s just I would rather be out there living life, I say that as I spend a lot of my time looking at art on

Well what been happening with me, quite a lot. I moved back franticly from Montana cuz i got fired from my job. Want to know why, I didn’t look the part. They way i was sitting was bad and so on and so forth. Frankly it was a blessing. I hated it there I had no money and was trapped in my room when not at work. When I did go out it was either to go to the bars and drink and dance ( was fun but man there is so much drugs up there) I meet so many great helpful people up there who helped me see who I really am. Watch a lot of great Documentaries and anime. I still was very unhappy. So the universe steeped in cuz it new I didn’t have the balls to quit and fired me. Thank you Universe!

Now I am back in my loving state of green, it’s been mostly sunny hear too and I love it. I am back at my old job but I am wiser now and not so hard on myself or others. why complain its got to get dune. I am reading a lot of Philosophy and Buddhism. I feel very Zen even if i know that cleashe. it’s funny people still come to me with their problems and I don’t mind, exceptionally if it’s my best friend,(them people are there to teach you what to look out for and how to tolerate them when you do have to work with them) but mostly i look at them as they are complaining and I want to smack them some times. come on people can’t you see that all bad things lead to good one! Uhhhh, no wonder all the great teachers live short life’s. They can only take so much of this BS!

Now I am no great and I still curb the truth cuz I have a tendencies to want to keep my friends and not tell them there are stupid and look on the bright side. I still have Issues. I still am working a hell of a lot on my self. The one I am working on right now is to BE Grateful . that such a hard thing some times. Why should I be grateful for having to work 110 hours in 5 days, or that my truck is breaking down agene!

But I am

You see my truck is a thing and it needs loving to. I have pushed it a lot and I know it doesn’t like the cold so can see why it need to go to it Dr. I am grateful it did when I was back home. That it should me how to let go and trust that everything will be ok, cuz it so is!

Working all though Hours just should me how hard I can push my body,

So now I am really trying to take better care of myself I am slowly going raw. or I may just cold turkey it. we will see. right now I eat about 85% raw food and 15 about cooked. so i am doing really good and No meat at all for the last few weeks I did slip and have a Hawaiian pizza. but other then that I am doing good.

I feel good.

I have set a challenge for myself to Wright a 150 poems in 3 months. so far…ehhh I need to work more on it and some of my stuff i just hate.

All is great with me and I hope so with you as well

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