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Museum of the rockies

July 6, 2014

Holy cow was this places the coolest thing ever!

From the worlds largest Dino collection to the living and Interacting frontier farm, it was just to much fun.

They also have a ..I don’t know what it is called but you get to lay back and watch the night sky (during day time) and see the different stars that will be above you that night! its a lot of fun and if you get sick from IMAX, Don’t do it as you get the speed along space to get up close to some cool things in the night sky!

If you ever come to Bozeman the head over to this place the Tickets are cheep and its a day full of fun, plus up on top is a place for kids to just run around and be crazy!



transformers 4 age of extinction A movie review

July 6, 2014

I don’t know why this didn’t post on my main page but hear it is!


I have read a aful lot of bad riviews about this movies and that’s was part of the reason I heald off on seeing it but man am I happy I did.

I will amite I am an opumis fan to the bone, he was after all my first crush and still. (I don’t care if he is a girant robot, he is noble and strong!)

So we start of with space ship heading to earth, and then the Mother BEEP* kill my sweet innocent dinosaurs T.T I was not happy… and that is how they exsplaine the death of the dino’s. I think it’s better then the leading theory’s but that my opinion.

Anyhow, Mr. Sex Noble Prime was ambushed by humans and hide in a old theater. this father daughter team find him and try to fix him up for parts not knowing that he is a transformer.

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Earth to Echo Movie Review

July 6, 2014

I am a big Alien fan, I am crazy over good alien movies as I think that really what will happen one day.

This was a cute movie but wait tell it’s on Amazon to rent it.

Basically its 4 kids who video their last night together( to later post on youtube), that just  happen to find a crashed alien (who is supper cute) Said aliens needs to find parts to fix his space ship so he can go home. They run around to find the parts, get taken by the government and so on. so it is like Super 8 but this time it’s a cute alien.



The Mist-Torn Witches by Barb Hendee

July 6, 2014

Woot double review~!

This is just a great being series by Hendee, why cuz I read each book in a day! as in I was unable to put it down, lol one even has several pages covered in coffee.

The first one is called :The Mist-Torn Witches

Basically two orphan kids who take over there mothers healing shop, but the eldest fakes that she is a seer until one day she actually dose see the future through her whole world into crazy town. This is when the two leading males come in, the Prince, (different ruling society, they have princes who rule over the lads and then every 8 years the vote for a “Grand” prince to rule over them all) and his lieutenant

The prince offer the girls a new home and a new shop if they can solve the mystery of why so many young women are being drained of life!

I really enjoyed this book, it was fast paced and full of twisted and turns, with smaller mystery’s underling the “big hunt for who ever is killing the  girls”. over all I would give this a 4 out of 5 stars. it would have been 5 but I kinda skipped over the villains past…

you can buy it hear

Now the sec one was just as good as the first

Witches in red

Takes off just about a month after what happens in the first book. The sisters are getting settled in to the new town and home but something has happen up in a remote mining town and the prince has asked the sister to solve why men are turning into wolfs!

this too was just as fast and just as fun to read as the first, with new people coming in who you think are good but are not. This also fucuses a little more on the younger sister and yet we also find out more about the people the two sisters come from.

I will give this one a 4 out of 5 stars too, the villans back storie was a little better but still kinda skiped over most of it, I really just wanted to kknow what happened to the girls.

You can get this book hear.

Ok, I am back! with reson and hope~!

July 6, 2014

Hello my loving friends of the Inter web!

There is a lot to go over in the two years (HOLLY MOOLY!) that I last posted!

So lets start with school, why yes I am now in college, for a degree in Fish and wildlife at Montana State University.

Lets just say that when I cam back from Big Sky the last time I was kinda sick of not being able to get the jobs I really wanted. So My loving grandmother  got me to enrolling the local community college in Bremerton Washington. Two years later and I move to Montana 2 weeks ago and am happy!

With in 2 days I got a supper cheep room, it is 3 blocks from campus. I signed up for my classes in the fall and got a job working as a night aid in a supper cool fun place watching over lovely memories care residents.

I am wavering between 250 and 220 but I am doing well in that part as…!

I just got a book that is about 100 hikes around Bozeman and Yellowstone. So I hope to keep going with my fun  adventures, Reviews on book and movies and what ever else finds it way to me.

Lord in heaven!

March 9, 2012

Wow, so yesterday after getting up and getting ready for the day I headed down stirs to get some tea, (just got apple cinnamon yummy!) my other room mates are down there too they all look at me and say as one “you’re next”….whhaaaat?

Well a 24 hour cold is going around and one by one my roommates are falling prey for it. Not I, I will not get sick!
But I thought that I may because all of a sudden my tummy was hurting really really really bad, no it was just the worst craps I have ever EVRE had in my life. it hurt to walk it hurt to lay down it just hurt.

So on my way to work cuz I stopped by 7-11 to get something to drink so i can take my pain pill, I got a mocha, have a gallon of chocolate milk(I don’t drink milk anymore!) and the world’s biggest chocolate bar I found. After the pain pills kicked in work was fine. got a new crazy one but it’s not bad.

Talked with one of my friends and we are making plains for this summer to do lots of fun things with her son, who I love!

oooo i think i saw the northern lights last night but we are not 100% there as is was white…..

hello my love

March 8, 2012

Hay Sweet Hearts,
I am a bad blogger, it’s just I would rather be out there living life, I say that as I spend a lot of my time looking at art on

Well what been happening with me, quite a lot. I moved back franticly from Montana cuz i got fired from my job. Want to know why, I didn’t look the part. They way i was sitting was bad and so on and so forth. Frankly it was a blessing. I hated it there I had no money and was trapped in my room when not at work. When I did go out it was either to go to the bars and drink and dance ( was fun but man there is so much drugs up there) I meet so many great helpful people up there who helped me see who I really am. Watch a lot of great Documentaries and anime. I still was very unhappy. So the universe steeped in cuz it new I didn’t have the balls to quit and fired me. Thank you Universe!

Now I am back in my loving state of green, it’s been mostly sunny hear too and I love it. I am back at my old job but I am wiser now and not so hard on myself or others. why complain its got to get dune. I am reading a lot of Philosophy and Buddhism. I feel very Zen even if i know that cleashe. it’s funny people still come to me with their problems and I don’t mind, exceptionally if it’s my best friend,(them people are there to teach you what to look out for and how to tolerate them when you do have to work with them) but mostly i look at them as they are complaining and I want to smack them some times. come on people can’t you see that all bad things lead to good one! Uhhhh, no wonder all the great teachers live short life’s. They can only take so much of this BS!

Now I am no great and I still curb the truth cuz I have a tendencies to want to keep my friends and not tell them there are stupid and look on the bright side. I still have Issues. I still am working a hell of a lot on my self. The one I am working on right now is to BE Grateful . that such a hard thing some times. Why should I be grateful for having to work 110 hours in 5 days, or that my truck is breaking down agene!

But I am

You see my truck is a thing and it needs loving to. I have pushed it a lot and I know it doesn’t like the cold so can see why it need to go to it Dr. I am grateful it did when I was back home. That it should me how to let go and trust that everything will be ok, cuz it so is!

Working all though Hours just should me how hard I can push my body,

So now I am really trying to take better care of myself I am slowly going raw. or I may just cold turkey it. we will see. right now I eat about 85% raw food and 15 about cooked. so i am doing really good and No meat at all for the last few weeks I did slip and have a Hawaiian pizza. but other then that I am doing good.

I feel good.

I have set a challenge for myself to Wright a 150 poems in 3 months. so far…ehhh I need to work more on it and some of my stuff i just hate.

All is great with me and I hope so with you as well